PÁLL ÓSKAR HÖGNI Soffía Björg    

Ljótu hálfvitarnir   Beebee and the Bluebirds  

Mello Músika   Diana Sus   Ateria   Clubdub


CAMPING ROYALE presented by Corpus/ PRZEBIERANKI presented by Pleciuga Puppet Theatre /

THE SILENT HOUSE presented by Iran Saye Theatre /


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Eldur í Húnaþingi is an exhilarating celebration of arts, entertainment, and community spirit. A community oriented culture festival, the 5 day gathering offers dozens of performances, activities, exhibitions, and screenings representative of the best in music, dance, comedy, film, circus, and family entertainment in Iceland and abroad.


Early festival seasons emphasised community artists, neighbourhood competitions and activities but have since become more popular and diverse in nature, encompassing a breadth of performance genres, activities, education opportunities, and environmental engagement. What began with a vision for a summer cultural event that would bring community together, now flourishes as the largest culture festival in the region, connecting audiences with world-class artists, expanding horizons, and showcasing  Húnaþing vestra as an arts and culture destination in North -west Iceland. 


Today, Eldur í Húnaþingi produces two concurrent programs, one professional ‘mainstage’ and one community development oriented, at various venues and spaces across the region with the core of activities taking place in Hvammstangi. The indoor mainstage series includes ticketed performances of world-class music, dance, theater, exhibitions, and comedy.


The community development programme offers admission-free concerts, classes, workshops, sporting events, competitions,  exhibitions, open-air spectacles and unique family attractions.


As the festival enters this next phase of its development, it continues to attract a diverse audience of thousands, and performers from around the world, to a small, rural location that revels in welcoming them.  The dramatic growth of the festival in size and range of offerings parallels its growth in reputation as a major cultural event in the Norðurland vestra community, and as a premiere artistic enterprise.


Eldur í Húnaþingi´s mission is to present a world-class celebration of the arts and entertainment  that enriches the cultural, economic and social vitality of the region. Furthermore, the festival will  promote, enable, and uplift residents and community based artists/artisans alongside world-class arts and entertainment. The festival will represent core values of excellence, diversity, and relevance - about, for, and with the community.




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